Tailor fit for busy lives

Our Produce Pedalers love that their vocation is…


The same care we put in crafting our prices to enrich livability for everyone, we put into the incomes of our Produce Pedalers. In fact, our entire business model is built around preserving both of those: aggressive pricing and equitable income. Produce Pedalers are compensated for the equivalent of over $25/hour.


Rolling Oasis routes require one to four days a week of work. As a high-earning part time vocation, we are particularly well suited for parents, students, and nonprofit workers interested in supplementing their income.


Your vocation is more than your income stream. Which is why being a Produce Pedaler is about so much more than hitting the streets with a bike trailer every week. Building your licensed route means becoming more connected in your neighborhood — becoming a known character in civics, festivities, and other expressions of local life. Your income becomes a byproduct of your place in a local fabric of care.

Getting Started

We’ve worked hard to eliminate as many barriers to licensing as possible.

Here’s the core of what you need to license in your own neighborhood

A few committed neighbors

Find a few folks who’ll commit to subscribing for a few months.

A bit of money

We’ll tell you in person how lean startup costs are. You won’t believe it.

A place to store & sort

You’ll need about 100 square feet of clean ground floor space to get going.

A lot of enthusiasm

Being captivated by the values and possibilities of our services propels Produce Pedalers to excel.

Our current focus is expanding to every Portland neighborhood, but that doesn’t mean we’re not interested in where you live! Whether you’re in Portland or beyond, we’re eager to meet you and hear what role you think Rolling Oasis Grocers can have in making your neighborhood even better.